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Summit: Outside — From The Inside

Tents - NightMuch has been written about Summit, their events and the people that attend them. Summit, as a whole, now includes Powder Mountain and all of the property, employees and outdoor opportunities that come along with these terrific mountains of Northern Utah. They’ve been hosting events for years in different locations around the US but are now permanently based here with the PowMow purchase. As a result of that move, I live and work near their new home. As I’ve written previously, I think the future is brighter with Summit in town.

Many people, including those in the immediate area, throughout the State of Utah and beyond wonder, as I did, what goes on at Summit? Who attends? What do they do? How do you get invited? Being their new neighbor and introduced a few years ago by mutual friend Shervin Pishevar, it was time for me to finally experience Summit for myself. This post will share some play-by-play of what was going on, who was there, and my overall impression of Summit as an event, a gathering, and a new and important citizen of Northern Utah.

I’ll do my best to provide detail and opinions. I should note my ticket to Summit was not free and I have no financial or other interest related in any way to Summit. There is no doubt I want them to succeed, so my comments and opinions are definitely from a positive place. Having said that, I’ve been around the block a few times and don’t give them a pass on reputation alone. My opinions are my own and are unfiltered.
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Summit and Northern Utah — The Next Railroad Boom Comes To Ogden

Summit_logoA little over a year ago I received an email from my friend Shervin Pishevar, a great guy and well connected VC in California. His email was an introduction to Elliott Bisnow, founder of The Summit Group, and was in regards to the organization’s recent interest in Utah. I’d heard and read rumors about Summit buying Powder Mountain, so when I received this email out of the blue I was excited to get up there and learn more.

From the moment I started emailing with Elliott, it was obvious he was a very gracious person. Super nice, very humble and accommodating, and all about hanging out and getting to know each other. He immediately invited me up Eden to learn more in person and show me what they were working on. This was early in 2012. I wanted to immediately tell everyone everything I had seen! The plan, the people, the difference all of this would make to everything in Northern Utah. However, the time wasn’t right to do that as they were still quietly putting together a lot of the details associated with such a large and complex deal.

I’ve kept in touch with Elliott and tried to help Summit in any way possible. I’m glad I could in a few small ways (introductions in Utah, etc.) — but I mostly just kept in touch and looked for opportunities to support what they were doing. Fast forward a bit to December of 2012 and the Summit team publicly announced that they had taken over operations at Powder Mountain and that closing on the purchase would soon follow.

Not too long after this public announcement, Elliott invited me to come spend some time at Powder Mountain. I’d been unable to make it before, so I was glad that this time I could make the timing work. I’m home now after spending the past two days up there.

And all I can say is WOW.

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