The Internet has changed marketing. Instead of deciding what to buy from what we see on the TV, we go online and search for reviews From email and social media, to paid online advertising and inbound marketing, there are many new ways to interact with customers, often before you even know they’re interested in buying anything. We’ve gained over 47,000 followers on Twitter and know firsthand how powerful this type of interaction can be. It’s helped us meet new people and build better business relationships. There’s so much potential in marketing online, but of course only if you know how to use it! Hopefully our experience can help you find what works best for you and your business.


6 Must-Know Writing Tips for Entrepreneurs

My friend Crystalee says she is “a word wrangler by profession.” I love that because it is so true. She works on all kinds of copy for global brands like HP, Whirlpool, Yahoo, AGCO and others as part of the tech team at MarketStar. Crystalee also contributes to and The Deseret News (both big media outlets here in Utah). She just can’t seem to get enough writing, as some stories beg to be told. She has a great blog about, you guessed it, writing. I should also note she is just a very kind person. Incredibly friendly and positive all the time. But she is here to help all of us (myself included) learn how to be better writers. As entrepreneurs, writing well will always be an important skill. Talking with customers, investors, partners, employees, media and more all benefit greatly from improved writing.

So here we go with six “must-know” writing tips for entrepreneurs! Thanks again, Crystalee.

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Every Company Needs a Story

We have a celebrity amongst us! Austin Craig is best known for starring in the Orabrush YouTube videos, which collectively have been viewed more than 30 million times. After 8 years of pounding the pavement the Orabrush inventor decided to look for help at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management, and through the grapevine found Austin. Since then the team has grown Orabrush sales from almost nothing to extremely high demand in over 40 countries. Their Facebook group has over 325,000 fans and their iPhone app has been downloaded 400,000 times! The growth of Orabrush is nothing short of extraordinary, and it would not have happened without Austin Craig. And not only has he helped Orabrush, but he’s also been involved with and the social media group at

Austin was nice enough to write two related posts for us. Today’s is about the importance of a story for every business. Good stuff ahead…

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