Life Balance

Entrepreneurs are want to work. A lot. Sometimes at the expense of those closest to them. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We’ve learned a ton over the years about what matters most in life. Don’t get us wrong: we love working hard and we are proud of our successes. But it’s good to find balance in life as often as possible.


Don’t Wait Until January

BeforeAfterI’ve had back problems for a long time. In fact, I was born with one less vertebrae. That means a couple of things. I could have been an inch or two taller and maybe I wouldn’t have back problems if said missing vertebrae wasn’t actually missing. But, it is what it is, right? In the last five years or so my health has really gone south. I gained a lot of weight and stopped all serious exercise. Much of the lack of exercise was not by choice. It hurt too badly or I simply could not do it. Some of it was laziness and lack of effort or desire as well. So, after years of pain and difficulty, I finally succumbed to the surgeons scalpel. So far I think it was a pretty good decision. Actually, it really wasn’t much of a decision at all but rather my final and only option.

In May of 2012, after fully recovering from surgery and searching high and low for the right exercise options, I decided I’d had enough. I used to be an athlete (played every sport, and some half decently) and I was always active, so being out of shape was not cool for me. It definitely wasn’t healthy. I joked about eating poorly, I joked about not exercising, I joked about my back — but really I was just bummed out about my slow and steady decline into inactivity. So I made a very conscious decision to do something about it. Since that time (the picture on the right), I’ve riden my road bike nearly 4,000 miles. I’ve lost about 30 pounds (the photo on the left). And I’m just getting started!

If you are out of shape, for any reason, I think you should join me in the battle to be healthy again. And for me, it is a battle. A daily one.

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Family First


Recently I tweeted back and forth with a successful entrepreneur that I respect regarding whether or not people can love their business like a person. My immediate reaction was “no way”. Let me preface my comments by stating I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve always really enjoyed my work. Sure, there have been tough days and tough times, but overall I’ve always loved what I do. LOVED what I do. I’ve been extra fortunate to have had some modest financial success and the combination has been extremely rewarding in a variety of unanticipated ways. However, none of them compare to the love and enjoyment I get out of being a husband and father.

In fact, it’s not even close.

So why is it glamorized in the media when entrepreneurs have no life? If you are young and single, I can see where that makes some sense. I did it. Although I think it’s a good idea to still have a life outside of work when you are single, I don’t want to be too hypocritical when I didn’t. But when I’m hearing about family men/women who are consistently spending their lives on airplanes and such, I just don’t get it. Why is that cool? I’m afraid it’s because our priorities, at least when presented to the public, just aren’t straight sometimes.

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