The Founder’s Page: Internet Business

The virtual world is one of the infinite strangers and their just as infinite needs. Anonymity allows for expression without censorship and ideas that may be exchanged without fear. The distinctions of humanity blur and all that remains are the assurance that there is no reprimand to be found. The Internet is blessedly secretive.

Your business, however, cannot be.

While it is understandable that you avoid offering any precious information (such as your name, address and telephone number), such avoidance can cause complications for potential clients – they will wish to be familiar with the one they are purchasing from. The thrill of unknown identities does not extend to dollars. When money is traded for wares, there must be a sense of trust. This cannot be established, however, with blank pages and refusals to share revelations about yourself. You must instead offer a Founder’s Page.

Explained simply, a Founder’s Page is a separate piece of content. Unlike the rest of your site – which is dedicated to your specific services – this stands as an introduction to the world. It should include relevant facts about you, such as experience, education, previous businesses, interests and any certifications you’ve earned. You do not have to list private truths but a name is still highly recommended. You want to be recognized, not forgotten.

A Founder’s Page is essential for any growing business. The Internet is soaked to entrepreneurs and their attempts to succeed. You cannot become a stranger among the many. You must instead seek to develop a brand – yourself. And crafting this page is the easiest way to accomplish this.

An online business is more than the generation of profit. It is instead the representation of you to the masses. You must, therefore, be certain that this representation is an inclusive one, and choosing to offer a Founder’s Page ensures this.

Greet the world. Define your site. Lose the dreaded anonymity.