Startup Weekend - Ogden

Startup Weekend – Ogden

Well, we finished the first Startup Weekend Ogden, and 2nd ever in Utah, last night. 54 hours straight of startup tech craziness is complete, for now. There is A LOT yet to come up North. Also, just to make sure they know, a huge thanks to Shavonnah and Cade for all of the work they did to make Startup Weekend a success. We love you guys!

Here are a few of the highlights (for me at least) of the first Startup Weekend Ogden:

We sold out the 150 maximum that Startup Weekend allows. It showed everyone that there is support and demand for great events and community tech stuff in the Ogden area. I knew it was true, but 150 paid up to prove it.

48 people pitched ideas Thursday night! It was a thrill to see and hear all of the great ideas.

Steve Blank just plain crushed it. You could hear a pin drop in the room. He had some really great answers to the questions. We will have him visit Ogden after the Startup Ogden building opens. Stay tuned for that announcement.

– I was stoked to see so many teams start cranking on Thursday night. A lot of Startup Weekends don’t really get going until the next morning, but not this crew. Many did all nighters immediately. The uBingo iOS team couldn’t work much on Friday/Saturday (family event), so they just went ahead and built an entire app Thursday night!

Friday was my favorite day. A lot of energy and everyone was still there and building like crazy. The excitement was palpable.

KSL, Mayor Caldwell and Governor Herbert all shined a light on what we were doing at Startup Weekend and what is happening in Ogden in general. People need to know there is a legit swell of tech and startup activity in downtown Ogden and getting the media and political support helps that. I hope you’ll help that, too.

– The food was great! Big thanks to Slackwater Pizza, Hilton Garden Inn, Kneaders, Roosters and Sonora Grill for keeping us well fed (a key to a great event in my opinion).

The contests were hilarious. Josh spilling water on himself will likely never be topped. The food eating contest was a bit much, but man, I learned real fast what a lightweight Creighton is. I was really happy to see a great guy like Parker win the MacBook Pro.

– Having my daughter join us is always a highlight for me. I take my kids to business things often (not just SW). My Dad did that for me and I think it’s one of the best things we can do for our kids — involve them.

– Seeing the progress made by Saturday morning was inspiring. Even though this was my 5th Startup Weekend, I was still in awe of what was being collectively accomplished.

The judges were great. Al, Alan and Bryce have great experience and legit success, so it was much appreciated for them to take time to be with us. Bryce had his birthday, and his mothers birthday, both on this weekend, so how cool of him to make the time. And having him sing the Utah fight song was terrific. Big props to Al Doan as well. He was there pretty much the whole weekend. What a stud.

The people and the startups are what will really stick out in my mind though. At the bottom of the post is a list for any of you that want one. If you would please post a link to your startup in the comments, that’d be great. We’d all like to see you continue to build it into a real business!

Also, I’ve created a group on Facebook (Startup Ogden) that you should join. Please follow the #StartupOgden and #SWOGden hashtags on Twitter, too. If you haven’t already, make the time to come hang out with us at Hack Ogden — every Wednesday! We will be doing A LOT of stuff up North, and of course continue to work with and support our friends all around Utah. This is definitely a team effort. If we want to build a tech and startup community, we have to be diligent. It takes consistent effort — consistent events — and a lot of work. We can do it.

So stick together.

Make it happen.

Mustache Monitor
Geo Fetch
Free Birthday Food
Find Epic Music
Sunrise Sunset Calendar (3rd Place)
Wedding Address Book
Bazooka Guys
Print Badger (2nd Place)
Bucket List
Kitchen.ly (1st place)

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  • Parker

    It was a blast. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about it being in Ogden and not having Al Doan organize it, but I had a ton of fun and cannot wait for the next one!
    Thanks Alex.

    • alex_lawrence

      Parker — a lot of people are skeptical of Ogden. It has and is changing for the better. Ogden has a lot to offer and I’m glad you got to see it first hand. Come hang out at http://www.HackOgden.com sometime — or I’ll see you down that way sometime soon. Congrats on the MBP again!

  • Tom Clay

    when is the next one? I want to be there.

    • alex_lawrence

      Tom — probably in about 6-8 months, so stay tuned to social media and you’ll see it come online for scheduling in 3-4 months or so.

  • http://twitter.com/Vinny_Says Vinny

    Awesome event and some seriously heavy talent on display. My head is still buzzing!

    • alex_lawrence

      Alex — you guys did a great job with the Vinny Windows Mobile app. I’m very bullish on you and your business. Can’t wait to see you guys go live and change the used car industry.

  • Abraham Hunt

    Alex, thanks for the great time. It was an amazing experience and I am excited for future Startup Weekends. Print Badger has a live website at printbadger.com we also should be submitting to the app store in the next week or so after I clean up some other day job projects.

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