Photos of Twitter DJ

I’d Pay To Use Twitter

Photos of Twitter DJ

Unless you have lived under a rock, you know about Twitter. 

Twitter is my favorite way to communicate online. You can quickly and easily chat with a lot of people who you would not likely otherwise meet, much less communicate with. 

Twitter can be really lame as well. Many Twitter users like to tweet about mundane things – such as “I just washed my car” or something like that. I’ll admit, I tweet junk like this too. Only a small group of friends and family might slightly care. Emphasis on the word “might”. The rest of us would never pay attention to these types of meaningless updates, and that is why many people do not like Twitter. They think it is a waste of time.

Like anything else that ISN’T reading ‘ReWork’ or ‘4 Steps to Epiphany’, I guess it is indeed a potential waste of time. Why then do I get such high value out of it?

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Mick Hagen

The Fear of Failure

It is another Monday here at StartupFlavor and that means another guest post from a unique and interesting person. Last week we heard from John Greathouse in his post Ten Rookie Startup Mistakes YOU Won’t Make. That post resulted in the most clicks on Twitter of any we have had here at TEB. I highly recommend you read that post and the others HERE – they are full of brilliant information and advice.

Our guest this week, Mick Hagen, does a fantastic job of continuing the tradition of great Monday guest bloggers. Mick is the cofounder of Zinch.com — a fast growing education company started out of his Princeton dorm room, now with more than 70 employees and offices in three locations. Mick is a frequent speaker at industry events and has had writing featured in various magazines, including Fortune Magazine. He’s a v100 member (Top 100 Entrepreneur in Utah) as well as a “40 under 40” entrepreneur by Utah Business Magazine. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and son. You can read his blog at FounderDiaries.com or follow him on twitter at @mickhagen

With that introduction, take a read. Here is a post by Mick Hagen – “The Fear of Failure”

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