The NBA – It’s A Franchise

I’ve read a few posts lately from some celebrities like Mark Cuban as well as friends of mine via their FB and Twitter updates or comments. The theme of the ones I am referring to go something like this:

“Sterling is a horrible person. Racism is despicable and cannot and should not be tolerated.”

After that, a few different types of arguments come up. Some include references to the Constitution, First Amendment and the right to free speech. Something along the lines of Sterling is an idiot, yes, but in the USA that type of speech is protected and even though deplorable, it’s not illegal. A few others talk about privacy and how his comments were recorded without his knowledge. What is the legality of such recordings some ask? Shouldn’t his comments in private be allowed to stay private and not impact his business dealings? A final grouping talks about how this is America and property should not be allowed to be taken because someone has an intolerable perspective.

I’ve read all of these and I keep coming back to the same thought over and over again.
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For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs

I wanted to get some feedback from the Utah startup community before we get too far with this idea. Some community members at Startup Ogden have come up with an idea for an “event”. I put that in quotes because all the world needs is *another* entrepreneurship event, right? Right. So this isn’t an event, it’s more a set of private meetings for two days. What does that mean?

The format we are thinking of is something like this:

You are a startup somewhere in the state of Utah. Startup means you are a relatively new company with a relatively new product/service you are trying to grow. Basically, mature businesses with a decent amount of revenue/employees/etc. would not fit the definition. If you think you fit this definition, you apply to attend. What are you applying to attend?

Two days of private advice with legit entrepreneurs along with some community building and some fun!
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