The Best Mobile Experience Wins My Loyalty

I’m an early adopter of most types of technology. We have a GoSphero, the Lark silent alarm clock, UP band by Jawbone and a Romo from Romotive on the way (hopefully it gets here soon). There are too many apps, software and website memberships to mention. I’ve downloaded 1,000+ apps and signed up for more beta accounts then I’d care to admit. Don’t even get my friend Vince started about my FanBoi need for new iPhones and Apple gear. I justify this by calling it all a hobby. My only other hobby is golf, so I mostly use discretionary income to try fun new software, hardware and consumer gadgets. Sometimes there is a legitimate work related purpose but often times I’m just intellectually curious and want to learn and try new things.

In addition to tech that costs money, there is of course a bunch that is free. I’m trying Pinwheel, using Path, tinkering with Highlight and trying to get motivated for more Pinterest (which I like). Despite all of these new toys and beta signups, I’m still really enjoying “old” standbys and free services like Twitter.

I spoke with a smart entrepreneur for awhile yesterday and he was asking me questions about my consumption habits. How do I like to consume news and other information? What sites and tools do I use to read, share and learn? As we talked thru my preferences a theme began to emerge.

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Rick Duggan

Turn Your Great Idea Into A Business

Rick Duggan It’s guest post time! I love the opportunity to meet interesting and talented people. A few trips ago, I was lucky enough to meet Rick Duggan. We went to lunch with Jimmy Jacobson (another stellar guy and great talent that hopefully will post here another time). Both guys are leaders in the VegasTech movement that I’ve written about. It’s an awesome environment down there and Rick is one of the leaders in the area.

Rick is a veteran of 5 startups (one of which conducted a successful IPO) and is currently Director of Website Systems & Director of Community Technology and Incubation Services at Zappos. While focused on technology, he also has a strong background in operations, business planning, product feasibility, and agile software development. Originally from New York City, he lived in Richmond, Virginia, before relocating to Las Vegas in January, 2008. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. He is co-founder of VegasStartups.com and I recommend you follow him on Twitter at @rickduggan.

Thanks for joining us at Startup Flavor, Rick!

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