ZAGG iPad Giveaway

The ZAGG iPad Giveaway: A Study in Contest Success

ZAGG iPad GiveawayROI is the principle focus of the ZAGG Internet Marketing team. We constantly watch our key metrics and collect data to help us make decisions. If a campaign is meeting our ROI standards, we will not hesitate in extending it and we’ll look for ways to scale it.

Three days after the release of the first generation iPad, ZAGG launched the ‘iPad-a-week’ giveaway. It was the first test campaign and the beginning of a slew of profitable gadget giveaways that continues today. The giveaway exceeded all of our expectations.

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The Road To Success

What I Learned From Four Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of hosting four good friends for a panel on entrepreneurship in the MBA program at Weber State University. The entrepreneurs that joined me were:

Alan Hall — Read more about Alan here.

Kate Maloney — Read more about Kate here.

Jerry Ropelato — Read more about Jerry here.

Jeremy Hanks — Read more about Jeremy here.

You can also follow them on Twitter: Alan, Kate, Jerry and Jeremy.

Needless to say, these are four legit entrepreneurs who have built, or are building again, very large and profitable companies. I am also very lucky to call each one of them my friend. As they answered questions for 2 hours from the standing room only audience, I was intrigued by some of the similarities of their answers. In fact, their answers and comments were so good, I thought I’d write a blog post about it.

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