Startup Weekend Round Up


Alex is on vacation but he was nice enough to let me post about Startup Weekend – SLC while it’s still fresh on everyone’s minds.

It was an awesome event all around. I met and worked with many great people and enjoyed every minute.

I thought it’d be cool to do a short profile for each project from #SWSLC. I’ve linked to as many projects as I could find. Remember that all projects are in varying degrees of completeness, but I wanted to give as much of a taste of each as possible!
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TrekDesk Giveaway: Want to Win a TrekDesk?

So if you’ve followed me on Twitter much, you know I’ve had a TrekDesk for about a year. The main reason behind having a TrekDesk in my office is a bad back. I had surgery a year or so ago and sitting down for long periods of time is hard on my back. In addition, I’d read a number of articles on treadmill desks, including this very recent one.

The benefits to owning a TrekDesk are many. I’ve personally felt more energy, a higher level of focus and less sleepiness in the afternoons. While my poor eating habits haven’t helped much, the TrekDesk has been a nice calorie burner, too. My problem is I’m not at my desk a lot, so therefore, I’m not on the TrekDesk as much. I actually crave being on it and often look forward to periods of uninterrupted work where I can really get some miles in. I can honestly say that I am not sick of it at all – that after nearly a year of use, I love it as much as the first week I owned it. This isn’t a fad for me – it’ll be something I use for a long, long time.

Now to the fun part.
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