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What I Learned From Four Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of hosting four good friends for a panel on entrepreneurship in the MBA program at Weber State University. The entrepreneurs that joined me were:

Alan Hall — Read more about Alan here.

Kate Maloney — Read more about Kate here.

Jerry Ropelato — Read more about Jerry here.

Jeremy Hanks — Read more about Jeremy here.

You can also follow them on Twitter: Alan, Kate, Jerry and Jeremy.

Needless to say, these are four legit entrepreneurs who have built, or are building again, very large and profitable companies. I am also very lucky to call each one of them my friend. As they answered questions for 2 hours from the standing room only audience, I was intrigued by some of the similarities of their answers. In fact, their answers and comments were so good, I thought I’d write a blog post about it.

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The Best Mobile Experience Wins My Loyalty

I’m an early adopter of most types of technology. We have a GoSphero, the Lark silent alarm clock, UP band by Jawbone and a Romo from Romotive on the way (hopefully it gets here soon). There are too many apps, software and website memberships to mention. I’ve downloaded 1,000+ apps and signed up for more beta accounts then I’d care to admit. Don’t even get my friend Vince started about my FanBoi need for new iPhones and Apple gear. I justify this by calling it all a hobby. My only other hobby is golf, so I mostly use discretionary income to try fun new software, hardware and consumer gadgets. Sometimes there is a legitimate work related purpose but often times I’m just intellectually curious and want to learn and try new things.

In addition to tech that costs money, there is of course a bunch that is free. I’m trying Pinwheel, using Path, tinkering with Highlight and trying to get motivated for more Pinterest (which I like). Despite all of these new toys and beta signups, I’m still really enjoying “old” standbys and free services like Twitter.

I spoke with a smart entrepreneur for awhile yesterday and he was asking me questions about my consumption habits. How do I like to consume news and other information? What sites and tools do I use to read, share and learn? As we talked thru my preferences a theme began to emerge.

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