The StartupFlavor Mobile Office Giveaway

Being an entrepreneur means being flexible. Change, adapt and pivot are common terms used in today’s entrepreneurial vernacular to describe the winding path of a startup. Knowing what is going on around you is one thing; knowing what is yet to come is another.

As our readers are working hard to build and start businesses of their own, having helpful tools can make a big difference. It just so happens that our friends at ZAGG specialize in just such tools. Their ZAGGsparq? It has saved lives. Their screen protectors keep your devices safe. The ZAGGfolio turns your iPad into a mobile workstation. I personally use all of these items and they are critical pieces of my mobile work bundle. It has nothing to do with the fact that ZAGG gave them to me either. They really are the best products out there and I rely on them weekly.

Since we love these products, and we love our readers, we’ve teamed up with ZAGG and have some fun giveaways that will help you build your own mobile office.

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Engagio: A Startup Story and the Future of Engagement on the Web

Today we are thrilled to have William Mougayar, Founder and CEO of Engagio, as our latest guest blogger here at StartupFlavor. William previously founded Eqentia. He has 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry with both large and small companies. William’s many credits include unique items such as making over 3,400 comments on one of the Internets most popular venture capital blogs, Fred Wilson’s own AVC.com. WOW. As you’ll see, he’s gained significant influence as a daily commenter there. More importantly, William is building a really cool business and has a great story to tell.

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