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I get to work with a unique and diverse set of people at Weber State University. One of the most interesting groups is UCAID, which stands for the Utah Center for Applied Innovation and Design. UCAID serves the nation’s aviation and outdoor products industries by conducting contracted applied scientific and engineering research for our industry partners and clients. The 22,000 square foot building is located in Farmington, Utah. You can see it on the East side of the freeway, just before Lagoon. There is a lot of cool stuff going on inside of that building!

UCAID specializes in a few different things. Namely:

Physical Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science
Rapid Prototyping & Process Design
Reverse Engineering

UCAID has access to all of Weber State University’s state-of-the-art laboratories, including:

Computer Science
3D Machining
Radio Frequency & Electromagnetic Interference
Environmental Testing

The team that works here builds and designs products and software for a number of different companies. Some or our partners include:

Ad Hoc Electronics
Aloft Technologies
American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics (AIAA)
Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)
Barnes Aerospace
ENVE Composites
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Gauss Management & Research Engineering
Hill Air Force Base
Innovation Utah & The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR)
Leptron Industrial Robotic Helicopters
Metal Improvement Company
Triumph Gear Systems
University of Utah Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Utah State University Space Dynamics Lab
Wasatch Powder Monkeys
Weber State University

There are not very many places like this around Utah, so if you are an entrepreneur, startup, or mature company that has a business in any of these areas, please email me (alexanderlawrence at weber dot edu). I’d love to connect you with the team at UCAID and see if we can be helpful to you.

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Alex has been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years. His current venture Lendio ranks #34 on the Inc. 500 list. Alex earned a BS degree at the University of Utah and his MBA at Weber State University, where he is Vice Provost and Director of the Entrepreneurship Program. If you want to talk with Alex about business and entrepreneurship (or other questions), email him (alex AT startupflavor DOT com), or you can find him on Twitter @_AlexLawrence.
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